Sunday, 23 March 2014

house tour: front verandah

I've shown bits and pieces of our house, but thought I would do a little series of house tour posts. Our photos are currently stuck on our wet computer while we sort out what to do-is it worth fixing it? Get a new one? See if we can buy parts on ebay and get a non apple company to fix it for cheaper… Decisions, decisions.

First up is the front verandah in its entirety.

Since we've been here we've painted the railings white, painted the french door white, sanded and oiled the floorboards, and fixed a small but long term and persistent leak in the eaves, and replace the rotted boards (caused by the leak).

Still to do
· recover cushions on the lounge in a white/natural fabric (or maybe navy?)
· replace the hardware on the doors-it's a bit worse for wear in the harsh, salty conditions
· change lights to non rusted out versions
· replace the missing posts from the railing (they are painted and ready to go, we just need to putty up the existing railings)
· get a small table for the lounge area
· repot the magnolias into a nicer pots
· possibly an indoor outdoor rug under the sitting area
· freshen the windows and front door with a new coat of paint (they look a little tired now the doors and railings are bright white
Plus we are looking at painting the whole exterior this year, so the blue will be changing-probably to a grey or grey blue. When we paint we will also get rid of the yellow facia and eaves (and paint the replaced boards). They will be either white or navy.
For most things we will wait until we have painted. Partly to save up for the expensive paint job coming up, and partly so we are decorating for the finished product.
This is one of my favourite places in the house. It gets gorgeous morning sun, and I love having breakfast out here, or reading and having a tea in the morning. It’s also shady and cool in the afternoon, Great for a nap, reading or drinks with friends.

What do you think?

Sunday, 16 March 2014


Apologies for being quiet the last few weeks-our computer is out of action. I spilt a drink into our MacBook. Suffice to say it didn't like it. Will be back soon!


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