Wednesday, 22 January 2014

hallway art

After 18+ months of living here, we have finally hung some artwork. And we hung not 1, not 2, not 5 but 8 pieces of art. Late in 2012 I found a beautiful Rifle Paper Co calendar with gorgeous images of foreign cities. L and I have travelled fairly widely through Europe and a little beyond, and straight away I realised I had a pretty amazing wedding present with the framed prints that helped to tell our story. And then Young House Love went and copied me...

Anyway, on our wedding day I gave L my surprise gift and the watch we had chosen. He loved them luckily. I hadn't framed them yet-I didn't make it to Ikea before the wedding, but I convinced L to drop in on our way back from Yamba, where we picked up some Ribba frames (YHL did give me that tip!).

A quick before for you. Nothing too exciting to see. 

We have been to 7 of the cities together, L has been to 8, so those were the ones we used. After a bit of a play around we fit all 8 and I love them! We used Command Velcro strips on the rec of a friend, and they are amazing! I used 4 on each, it probably didn't need 4, but I wasn't sure and didn't want them falling down. They are very secure. All the wall sections were a bit different in widths, so I had to do a bit of tongue poking out, head on side measuring and sketching, but I'm so happy with how they turned out.

I walk out of our bedroom and see London and Paris multiple times a day.

I walk from the lounge room to our front door and see Istanbul and Rome.

I leave the study and see Cairo and Amsterdam.

When I walk down the hallway I see New York. L has been, I have not, and it is high up on my travel wish list (it is a long list, with new and repeated visits!) It's like it's my vision board (although I'm hopeful it being at the end of a long hallway isn't too symbolic...).

We also put Sydney up, it's closest to the front door, and is behind the door when it is open. It's more there for balance I guess. It gives us an excuse to go to Rio, Tokyo,  Bankok or Moscow so we can swap it out.

These were some of our favourite cities, we lived in London, I visited Paris and Rome twice (with L once), Istanbul is an incredible city, (and Turkey is one of our favourite countries), Amsterdam is so fun and crazy and beautiful, Cairo is so full of history-the pyramids blow my mind, and we have so many amazing memories linked to these cities. Plus the artwork is gorgeous.


  1. They look great! They are such cute illustrations, the white frames really make them stand out. And even if YHL beat you to it, at least you can say you've actually been to the places decorating your walls ;)

    1. Hahaha. Thanks. In my defence I did buy the calander to hang before they did it, they just hung and blogged theirs first. Based on the comments I think they caused a massive sell out afterwards too! x

  2. Oh yes I remember when YHL did this. I loved it when they did it too!!


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