Saturday, 3 August 2013

on the dark side

***Hmmm-this post went up a few days ago, but somehow came down again... More work is happening today though...***

Sorry little blog for neglecting you! Anything to do with the house has almost slowed to nothing. With the wedding less than a month away all our free time and money have been going towards that. I thought I was so organised, and we had everything booked and picked months ago, but making final decisions, and confirming everything is time consuming!
I'll have to do a post with all of our wedding details to show you!!
Work is also flat out as I try to cram 7 weeks of learning, meetings and paperwork into the next 3. I do go back for the last 2 weeks of term, but would rather not stress about meetings and paperwork in that time. Plus, I've really been trying to go to bed early (for my beauty sleep!) and exercise daily.
After the wedding we will get back into it, and I'll have some new things to show you!

We are knocking over one job though. Earlier this year, in our plans for this year I mentioned we wanted to 'something' to the side area. We still are debating what to eventually use the area for (I'm for grassing and putting in a raised vegie patch, L thinks it won't get enough sun in winter, and wants to pave it. I think grass would be better for (future) kids, especially since the backyard is down another set of stairs, and it is just out from the clothes line, also don't need a paved patio because we have three verandahs...).

Nevertheless, 'something' is happening. We have been round-uping the lamandra for a few months, and they slowly have been dying off.
Before-from the road
A few weekends ago L spent a morning digging them up, leaving us with a nice pebbly area, with a murraya hedge growing to the side.


Action shot
This one looks sideways, but is actually the view looking down from the front verandah
But that's not all. As I write, we are building our first fence. We are building some timber screens for privacy, security, and for our 30th birthday present to each other and ourselves-a dog! The boys are working hard today, but unfortunately came up against a roadblock or two, which slowed them down a bit.
I should have more to show you later in the week! :)


Tell me what you think-I love to hear from you!


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