Thursday, 5 September 2013

on the fence

I'm back again-with time now!

Our wedding on the weekend was AMAZING. It was honestly just perfect! L and I had the best, most amazing day. It was everything we ever could have hoped for. I will post a few pictures when we get them back, and will have a few posts of some of the DIY I did. We had a 'mini-moon' at Little Cove in Noosa for a few nights, and are going away next year for our proper honeymoon-probably to Sri Lanka, but that may change. 

The boys worked so hard to finish off our fence in the lead up to the wedding, and it looks so good! 

It wasn't without problems though, and it was a bigger job than expected (aren't they all in DIY land??)

The fence was to run from the side of the house to the pole (needing the clothes line moved down a set of poles), then panels between the poles running up alongside the path. Then a gate over the path, and panels across to the fence. 

You can probably already see two of our problems. We needed to have the tap moved to the second pole. Another was the giant rock in between our post holes,

AND pipes running though a post hole.

But, nothing a jackhammer and sleeving the pipes, and a plumber couldn't fix! L had quite a few weekend shifts in the lead up to the wedding, so most of the work was done on midweek days off, meaning few progress shots, but I got a few in the early mornings before work (sorry for dodgy lighting!)
Broken up rock, and our cemented stirrups (bad i-phone pic!)
3 panels done, 1 coat of oil, still some finishing off to do

And here is the (almost) finished product! The boys still have to hang the gate (they were a few slats short), but it looks great! It blocks off the side of our house, gives us some privacy for our washing, and will be lovely a dog proof!

You can see how much our block drops off already here!

Here is our almost complete gate. We have a few more panels to build on the other side of the house now, and some 'normal' fences too. 

This amazing weather had made me so excited to get out into the garden, and we have some more plans in the works! 


  1. The fence looks fantastic Ness, aren't these little projects so satisfying when completed? Congrats on your wedding, sounds lie it was wonderful, looking forward to some pics. mel x

    1. Thanks! It does look great doesn't it? I did nothing :) ! I'm hanging for the dog now!!

  2. OMG!!!!!! HOW DID I MISS THISSSS??????????????????????? I thought your wedding was coming up. I am so sorry. CONGRATULATIONS on your wedding day. Glad to hear that it was perfection!!! How sweet. I love a wedding. Sri Lanka!! That sounds pretty rad. Make sure you bring a big sapphire back LOL.

    1. Haha, I kind of snuck it in there a bit didn't I? Thanks!


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