Sunday, 8 September 2013

DIY tea favours

One of our wedding DIYs was our favours. We had a cocktail wedding, so initially we weren't sure about how to do the favours, as they were sitting on a table near the signing books, rather than at people's place settings. We didn't want to make or buy something we were stuck with if they weren't all taken. Eventually after quite a while we settled on tea.

It has meaning to us, I drink tea by the bucket-load!-it's simple, not overly expensive, and we would be able to drink any leftovers ourselves, and remember our wedding. Pinterest and google were very helpful, and these are a few of the lovely DIY tea favour ideas I found. 
tea bag wedding favours
DIY Tea Bags
Tea Bag Wedding Favours

link - the lovely lass creative- a wonderful Australian blog
I loved all of them, but nixed a few-I didn't want to be left with lots of test tubes, I didn't want to spend days sewing the bags (plus I left it too late, even if I had the skills!), and scooping it in.  I combined a few ideas, but mostly took my inspiration from the Martha Stewart DIY tea bags idea (the white china with red hearts).

I got out my heart shape punch, and started punching. I did green for English Breakfast, and blue for Earl Grey.

I then cut a slit in the top of the heart. Some tutorials suggested staples, which I didn't like (even with mini staples), or glue and I didn't want to wait for it to dry, or cut double the amount of hearts.

I then removed the original tags, and slid the string through,
and wrapped it around,
and bagged them up.

I was originally thinking of white, or kraft paper bags, but found these at a dollar store at Chermside, and thought they were even better. I had some labels printed to match our invitations, and stuck them on with double sided tape. I also wrote the type of tea on some extra hearts, so guests would know what they were getting.


  1. Of course it is ok! Job well done. I loved my favours and they were well received.

  2. this is a gorgeous idea. your take on them turned out beautifully.

    1. Thanks! Our guests enjoyed them! They make me smile :) x


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