Wednesday, 18 September 2013

we have a gate

Thanks for the wedding love! I thought I would break it up a bit (while I wait for my professional photos) and get back to the side area we have been working on.

Our fence is finally finished-we have a gate!

 I'm actually really happy with how this area is coming along, especially because we still have quite a bit to do to it.


Despite the carpets of rocks down there it is feeling quite green at the moment, now that spring has definitely sprung.

Our next steps down here are 
-build some raised garden beds down near the bottom of the garden for some veggie patches
-hire a jackhammer to break up and remove the big rocks
-remove the small white rocks (we will use some to fill out the bottom of our garden beds to provide drainage, but might put an ad on gumtree giving them away if someone else removes them!!)
-lay grass
-plant out the gap between the rock retaining wall and the fence **see photo above

Currently our veggie patch is a pot setup, until we get around to building our beds. Most of the pots you see in the photos are fruit trees-a chilli bush, a lemon tree, a lime tree, and lots of smaller pots, but we were given a climbing jasmine, and L put in some eyelets and wires for it so it can grow. 

Here is a quick before, so you can really appreciate the difference down in this little area. I didn't even photograph this area in all of it's original glory-I must have been too horrified!

This is the closest we came to having a photo  of the green lamandra. It is also the only photo we have that shows the monstrous fig tree we had growing within meters of our house, and the neighbours'. We removed it within a week of getting the keys.  The below photo is when it was all dying off with the help of a considerable amount of roundup.
I'll leave you with one more after to remove that image from your memory! Have you been getting out into the garden lately??


  1. Looking so so much better, love the climbing jasmine. I am trying to choose a climber for the wall outside my kitchen window but that is a little way off. Betsy's garden is a mess, compacted mud everywhere, hopefully will get some grass back now we've had a little rain. mel x

    1. We are on our way anyway! How lovely was the rain? x

  2. Wow terrific work! You've done a lot of hard work. Lisa xo

    1. I did absolutely nothing of the fence! Cannot take credit for that one! :)

  3. Does look very good indeed!! I do the same. Don't take before pics because they are so shameful and I don't want ugly stuff on my blog. But then regret it.

    1. It's so true! Either that, or we just start on a project o the spur of the moment, and don't think to take photos! A friend just moved into her house, and they are planning a gut job, and I was like-photos-take HEAPS of photos now!! x


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