Monday, 16 June 2014

house painting

It's so exciting to come home from work each day to see what else the painters have done while we've been out at work. And we love how it is looking.

First coat 
First coat-all the rest is the old blue
We wanted to keep the blue, but just tone it down to be more greyish blue. We live within walking distance from the beach, it is our 'beach house', and the blueish colour fit with the relaxed coasty house we have, and life we live. But it's really toned down the bright sky blue that our house was. It doesn't stick out quite as much and it feels like a much calmer colour. And day by day we are painting over the remaining yellow with a nice bright white. It's funny-mostly the blue doesn't look too different until you compare it to another unpainted part, when it is obviously different.

The wall with the window has 2 coats, the wall facing is still unpainted.
You can see some of the new colour just above the railing for a comparison.
We will have the painters for a few more days, and then L and I will keep going on the bits we can do ourselves-the low walls and the verandahs.

Old blue, with our old yellow railings but white eaves
Can't wait to change the rusted lights!
We painted the downstairs front wall through the week, and also the verandah railings white out the back while the scaffolding was up, and are about to start the side.

PS-We also need to replace our hot water heater as of today! GAH! 


  1. I love that colour, how vibrant!

  2. I'm glad you're sticking with blue. Had you decided on another color, then you'd have to change the name of the blog! Haha! Kidding aside, I like how you approached this paint job, opting to use blue hues even as the first coat. This would save you trouble once the finished coat starts wearing off, as it will still be blue, so it won't look too faded in the long run.

    Richmond Gordon @ CertaPro Painters at Waterloo


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