Tuesday, 26 February 2013

the blue room

Yay-internet is back! It's amazing how much I rely on it now! I'd go to check a recipe, or a random fact, or check facebook. Nothing. After a month of it cutting in and out, and hours on the phone trying to get it fixed and saying that it wasn't out modem, reconfiguring it didn't work last night, so probably wont tonight either..., before it finally, completely died, someone finally came out today and fixed it.

Funnily enough, the room in our house that is the most 'done' is our guest room. It's a really nice room, and if it didn't have such a small cupboard we probably would have almost chosen it as our master bedroom. I'm really happy with it. We need window coverings, but other than that, if nothing changes for a few years then all good.

Our spare room

The weird box cut outs are a bit weird. They had to cut out some of the room for the head space for the stairs they added in when they placed the old house onto the new downstairs. It's a little odd, but works as a kind of bedside table.
The cupboards are awful. Why they didn't pay a little more for white or mirrored doors is beyond me. Instead they left them as this weird uncoated chipboard. To be in their mind....
This looks over the top balcony
When we first moved in our room look like this. An old doona cover, on a rug that was left here from the previous owners (you can see it rolled up in the corner) in a photo above. The bed was a hand me down from a friend who moved overseas. Nothing too special.  Actually, looking back I don't like it al all... Making do with what we had.

 It didn't stay like that for too long though. Same bed, and same prints, but have moved.

The doona cover is a plain white textured one from Target. I picked it up when they had a big sale. I picked up the cushions the same day-also from Target. The rug was crocheted by my darling grandma. The drawers are from a local op shop. The top was in bad condition-it had a burn and some stains, so I painted the top. Preblog, so no pics :( Sorry.

It's not going to win awards, but I thinks it's calm and relaxing.

It needs window coverings-it's quite a bright room, and gets afternoon sun from the far window. I think I will probably get white roman blinds.
We've recently got rid of the old 'boob light', and replaced it with some down lights and a fan. I'd also like to make a new bedhead, but that would mean buying a new frame for the bed, so it's probay down the line a bit.

What do you think? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Edited to add-I meant to say that painting those doors is right up there on our job list. Just working out the right products to use, and waiting for some sunny, dry weather!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

just a quickie

Grrrr.... We've been having problems with our Internet for the past month, and this weekend it decided to die entirely. I also ran out of phone data as I have had to use the net in my phone at home! So have been dying without Internet-a good test though. Hopefully it will be fixed tomorrow.

It was so nice to see the sun pver the weekend-altbough it's gone now, and we are meant to be getting anotjet 100-200 mm of rain. we managed to achieve a lot having no net, and the sun out!

We were given a heap of new plants from L's cousin who works at a wholesale nursery. Lots of trees-just need to work out what to do with them all now! Photos to come!

We decided on a wedding ceremony venue-we've moved it slightly, and I am much happier with it. 

I think we have decided on a hall table-wood, Tasmanian Blackwood, 2 drawers. Beautiful! 

I had a girls might last night (too much champagne and a sugar coma after dessert!!), and we had breakfast with friends this morning. So much for a quiet weekend!

Just thought I'd drop in quickly. Thanks for reading-hopefully be back up and running in a day or so, with lots of pictures! Sorry about any dodgy formatting or spelling too-so much harder on a phone!!!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

it's raining, it's pouring...

Not too much happening around here. It's cold, the wind is howling, and it's been pouring rain for days!   Everything is starting to feel damp, but damp's best friend mould and mildew can stay away! Very much stay inside weather. 

L is cooking up a feast of boeuf bourguignon. He is the definite cook in our relationship!!! He doesn't really use recipes, cooks all types of foods-currys, pasta, pies, he has even cooked a lemon meringue from scratch-pastry and all. I'm a lucky girl. Perfect weather for a cold night.

All our planned house jobs at the moment are outside-painting the cream posts on the outside deck white, and L is meant to be sanding the decks

I might hit up the shops this weekend-we were given some money from our parents for our engagement to buy a hall table. It would break the hall up a bit, and I want a nice mirror and maybe some frames around it.  It has been pretty difficult to find. It needs to be quite narrow, we would like wood, and we want it to be something we have forever-it is an engagement present. We found one we liked a few weeks ago, at Domayne. Unfortunately it was over $2000, which I think is insane for something quite small and simple. 

Our hallway, looking back toward the front door (at the end of the hall, and around the corner to the left)
We would put the table across from the opening to the lounge room. Not only would it give us a bit of a feature through the opening, the hall is only about 1.05m wide, so anywhere else even a NARROW table would be on the way. 

Sunday, 17 February 2013

weekend happenings

We had a busy weekend this weekend, although it was going to be even busier at one stage! 

We had a group of friends come stay for Saturday night. We usually try to have a trip away-usually just a long weekend, but there have been Bali trips in the past-once a year or so, along with BBQs, birthdays and weddings throughout the year. A few weeks ago we realised it had been 18 months since our last one, so we picked a weekend and committed then and there. 

We had 16 adults, 3 babies and one 6 year old split between two houses. It's so nice to spend time with good friends. The original group all started kindergarten with L, and partners and a few ring ins have been welcomed over the years. 2 other partners and I are from the same town as the original 6, so we often joke that we can;t make new friends!!

I didn't get many photos, although there were a few other cameras floating about, but I'll leave you with one. Golf for the boys was called off due to 50mm of rain, but it didn't stop us girls heading out for high tea. This was a platter for 4 people. We finished most of it off-along with lots of wine and champagne!!

It was beyond delicious. But oh so much food! Back on the health kick this week!!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

in the kitchen

It was about the first week when we realised that the oven would take some learning. It took about another week before we realised a whole new oven was in order. 

Things were either burnt or raw, if the oven was on and we were cooking at the stove your legs would literally be burning hot. The seals were gone, the door didn't shut properly, meaning hot air was pouring out, so the thermostat wasn't working, meaning the oven was too hot.

When we went to buy a new oven there was a huge moving sale on all floor stock. We were really lucky to get a great deal on a floor stock Bosch oven. L had done a lot of research, and wanted a Bosch, but we thought it would be out of our price range-it is triple glazed, and .... (I'm not sure, my eyes glazed over with all the tech talk...). 

L is an amazing cook, and really enjoys it. He has always wanted a gas cooktop, but being in rentals we couldn't do much about it. And there was a 5 burner Miele gas cooktop that was old floorstock for a great price... It was something we had planned to do in the future anyway. So we walked out with an oven and a gas cooktop. We figured if it made cooking more enjoyable then it was worth it. Also when we do a bigger kitchen reno, we will already have the cooktop and oven. 

It was a bit bigger than our old stove-our old stove was 60cm, and this was 70cm, but the hole is the same size, so meant we didn't have to cut a bigger hole in the bench. It's a bit wider than our extractor, but only 5cm on each side, so is ok for the medium term. Most of the extra 10 cm is actually just the stainless steel edge, rather than cooking surface. 

It has made such a difference. This part was a bit more expensive than the island, especially having to get the electrician in, and the gas installed, but it has definitely been worth it to us. I am a big believer that spending money to improve our day to day life is definitely worth it.  

Look-it hasn't fixed the purple checkerboard tiles, the purple feature cupboard and drawers, or the purple flecked laminate, BUT we will get there. 
A nice close up of the laminate and tiles

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

island dreaming

The room we have probably done the most on is the kitchen. Despite this, it is probably the furthest from being finished. 

When we moved in, we knew that it was lacking in bench and storage space. 

Kitchen from the lounge room

We knew we couldn't do a full reno, so it was a short to medium term solution. We wanted a kitchen island, and looked into a few options before deciding on the Stenstorp kitchen island from Ikea.

                                         STENSTORP Kitchen island IKEA Free-standing kitchen island; easy to place where you want it in the kitchen.
It was the right size, it had shelves, it has room for stools on the other side, and gives us more bench space. It also fit in to the style of kitchen and the rest of our furniture. It was also the right price for a quick fix to last us a few years. 

The only problem was that it was out of stock. And they didn't know when it would be in. We waited them out, and were island-less for over 6 months. Sorry to the poor ikea people I would ring once a months or so to enquire about it.

When it finally came into stock we were actually going south for a wedding, so dropped into ikea on our way (we didn't want to risk it being out of stock), flew through ikea, focused on our island, and only our island. It was tough. And crammed it into the back of our Golf before heading to Lismore for a friend's wedding (beautiful wedding).

It's made such a difference to our kitchen. It's given us so much extra prep and storage space-it means more than once person at a time can be in the kitchen at once!!! The top is oak-it was untreated when we got it, so we gave it a light sand, and oiled it daily for about a week, and didn't put anything on it. Now water beads on it. We use a chopping board on top, and don't put raw meat on it and have had no issues. We try to clean up spills pretty quickly, but aren't too careful with it, and put hot and cold things on it. 

Sunday, 10 February 2013

xmas bargains, shopping bans and makeup tidy

I've had an iphone 3 for almost 3 years now. I have dropped it on cement, tiles, bitumen, you name it-countless times. It's a bit dinged up, but I've never cracked the screen. But it was full, the photos weren't great, and I just wanted a new one. 
But we couldn't get a good deal on a 5, and between the wedding, and house we didn't really want to up our plan too much when I had a perfectly good phone. I was also a bit afraid of updating to a 5, and dropping it and breaking it within the first week!!!

Anyway, a friend updated their phone during the week, and offered to give me their old iphone 4! Yay! Is also a bit afraid of updating to a 5, and dropping it and breaking it within the first week!!! All I had to do was pick up a new SIM card. 

My new white phone :) 

When I got to Telstra today there was about an hour wait to be served, so I had some time to kill. Seeing as I am on a MAJOR personal shopping ban at the moment, having an hour to wait around at the shops is dangerous. I've been avoiding shops like the plague, and been in and out when I have had to go there. 

Although quite simple, and not overly wedding-ish, the wedding dress I have fallen for is more expensive than I had planned for. When I add in a veil, a belt and alterations I am horrified at the thought of that much money for one dress. I am still looking at dresses, BUT am in huge savings mode-I REALLY love this dress. The sales assistant recommended I try it on, I was shocked by how much I loved it, and it made both my mum and FMIL cry. Good sign. SO I am trying to save as much of my money as possible to cover the difference in price, between what we budgeted for, and what this one will cost. It's the money I would spend on clothes/makeup/hair anyway... 

So I went to Target, so I wouldn't be tempted. They had Christmas decorations HUGELY reduced. Including these angel tea light holders. They are bout 30 cm high, and will look gorgeous all lit up next Christmas. For $5 each I though they were worth the spend. 

Anyway, new phone is sorted, and I'm loving it! 

Did a quick tidy of my makeup drawer over the weekend-I love how a quick job can make such a difference!
 I don't wear makeup daily-sunscreen is all I need for work-but having been away a few times in November, December, and then a big trip away over Christmas and early January, I just hadn't put it back into any sort of order. 
 Cleared out a few things I didn't even know I had-mostly freebies. The party feet blister packs are AMAZING. Expensive, but incredible if you have an event coming up. 

Saturday, 9 February 2013

our multi-coloured house-part 2

Not only is the outside of our house of our house multicoloured, the inside is too!! Some of the colours are nice, some are ok, and one is AWFUL.  

The good...

The the main bedroom, the sunroom and the main hallway are a lovely sunny yellow. Even the ceiling... 
Main bedroom
Main bedroom, into the sunroom
The sunroom
 These were all taken on a grey and rainy day, and it is still always bright and happy.

second bedroom
The Bad...

The lounge room, dining room and kitchen are lavender. Sometimes I don't mind it, other times I hate it.  It doesn't really go with our stuff, and is too dark for the room-the corners get really dark and shadowy. Again, the roof is also painted in the same colour. 
Dining room
 The ugly...
 Downstairs is painted in the most awful green. I think they were going for a pastel green, which may have been nice, but they missed the mark. It's awful. And a huge area to paint-especially when we have to paint the roof too... 

Downstairs... vomit

Monday, 4 February 2013

the block

I love The Block. Always have. Even when I was a teenager, and no where near wanting a house, and my decorating style was more every item of clothing on the floor than anything else.

The last few years I have really got involved with it, especially last season when we had our house, so I'm SUPER excited about The Block Allstars being on tv for the next few weeks.

I don't mind the teams that got in-enjoy the brothers, Amity and Phil were a million years ago, and I wasn't a massive Dan and Dani or Josh and Jenna fan over the last few years, but I am sure they will grow on me. I liked some aspects of their style, but wasn't massive on the way their personalities were portrayed.

I am excited that they are doing heritage homes. Last year it broke my heart when I saw Dan and Dani ripping out beautiful cornicing, and period features. At least this year I know that they can't ruin them!!!  And hopefully I can get some ideas!

I'm such a sucker for house magazines, so The Block is like house magazines on steroids!!

Sunday, 3 February 2013

our multi-coloured house-part 1

We have plans to paint this year. Not looking forward to it! Inside and out, our house is multicoloured. 
The outside of our house is blue. Quite a nice blue, but very blue. 
Our blue house
The eaves are quite yellow.  And also quite dirty in parts (as shown by this picture...). And the window frames are white. So there are 3 colours. 

Dirty, yellow eaves and white windows

But wait...  There's more.  
The fence posts are cream. Not the same yellow as the eaves, but cream. And finally there is navy on the railings and feature fence posts. We have since repainted the navy railings due to fading, dried out paint. 

Cream posts and navy railings  

1. Blue
2. Yellow
3. White
4. Cream
5. Navy 
PLUS wooden french doors. 
1, 2, 3, 4, 5...
Here is a photo that shows all 5 colours together. And one of our decks. This is actually one that we are  not planning on doing straight away-it is actually in the best condition... You may have caught a glimpse of deck out the front. The one with absolutely no coating left. It is our deck in the worst condition-zero protection.... 

First outside painting job is getting rid of the cream posts, and painting them a nice crisp white. That will take the exterior colours to 4 straight away.... :)

We also need to paint the exterior. On some areas of the house, the paint is starting to become a bit powdery, so it needs painting sooner rather than later. I would love to paint it grey, but at this stage we don't want to paint multiple coats to totally change the colour, so will probably tone the blue down to a blue grey. That's the current plan.


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