Thursday, 16 May 2013

back into painting

It's amazing how a deadline makes you work-even when it is an artificial one. We painted and painted downstairs over Easter, getting the walls and ceiling done. We just had the skirtings, and a bit over the stairs to do. But no motivation. And we ran out of paint for the stairs, and hadn't bought the gloss paint yet. So it was hanging over us.

Then last weekend friends asked if they could stay with us for a few weeks-they are in the process of buying a place, but their lease is up and they couldn't extend it for a few weeks while they settle. We decided to put them downstairs so we both have a bit of privacy and a bathroom. Which meant we had one week to paint the trim. As L had had his wisdoms out we had nothing planned, so I spent Saturday afternoon sanding the skirtings, and Sunday morning taping and painting.

I freehanded the top, but wanted to protect the floors, so went through almost a roll of tape

They already had water based paint on there, and we wanted a white white, so they stood out against the Antique White USA walls (more upstairs where we have original wide floorboards), so put on Aqua-enamal from Dulux. After spending a huge amount of time looking at swatches I asked the guy at the paint shop what was the closest white to ceiling white (I liked the contrast, and it didn't make the walls look dirty). He said it was basically Lexicon Quarter-a drop of black, so that's what I went with.  In the end we only went with 1 coat. The were in quite good condition initially, and really just needed freshening up, and we put a whiter white on them.

Not much green left anymore

So happy with how they turned out, and how much better the room looks. We still have a bit at the top of the stairs to finish, as L wasn't up to painting, and I refuse to do that bit, but people staying wont affect that.

Here's a before... so much better now.


  1. Amazing!! What a difference some paint can be. Job well done

  2. gorgeous! Are you on the sunny or gold coast? Or have I got your location all mixed up?

    1. Thanks! How did you go with the cold yesterday? In the car and literally just drive through Toowoomba-it was freezing!

  3. Looks so so so much better! What on earth were they thinking with that balustrade?! mel x btw your floor boards are gorgeous.

    1. They painted green in the most bizarre and hard to reach places-I still catch glimpses of it. FRUSTRATING! Love our floor down there! Hope your floor issue is being resolved! x


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