Sunday, 26 May 2013

roadtripping and a house crash

The last few weeks have flown by! Right now I should be writing reports (2000 words this morning and counting), but thought I would have a break and show you my last weekend.
It was big, it was exhausting, and so much fun!

Friday-I worked and then drove with friends to our home town in Northern NSW. We got in at 11 at night to the FREEZING cold. 

Saturday-Woken up at 6.45 by my gorgeous nephew climbing into bed with me. Played with him, caught up with family, then borrowed mum's car to drive an hour and a half to my old uni town for a college reunion. Long lunch/catch up then to the hotel to get ready for the dinner. Too much BAD wine, lots of laughs and memories, off to the pub, walk a km home in the freezing cold in a skirt and heels. And by freezing I mean literally- it was minus 5!
Ice on the cars at 1.30!
Sunday-wake up feeling (surprisingly) good, drive an hour and a half home after the goodbyes, have a cup of tea and a play, get picked up and drive the 7 hours home-luckily I had a sneaky snooze or two on the back seat. Get home at 7 to a yummy dinner cooked by L.
Country driving
Very busy, very rushed, but I would do it over again in a second!! Love my friends and family-I hate that they all live so far away. But I couldn't live in the cold anymore-I have gone very soft living in SE Qld!

Somehow I managed to grab a few minutes to take some photos at mum's. She has such a lovely house, and lots of beautiful things-mostly antiques that have been in the family for a few generations. It actually reminds me a lot of our blue house (or what I hope our blue house will one day be!!) Very quick photos, and mum does family day care (including for my nephew, so ignore any toys and artworks!)
Dining room
The table and chairs were originally my great grand) (as was the little china cabinet you can see), and were painted in a dark paint. They were stripped back and reupholstered. 

Lounge room
 Empty shelved due to little people...

 Freedom lounge, tables made by my grandfather, blankets made by mum.

A little grandmother clock
Hall stand
 A lovely old desk and chair, again from my great grandmother's house, and again stripped of he dark paint.

Kitchen sideboard in the back room

Another reupholstered chair

So many lovely old pieces of furniture and bits and pieces!

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