Monday, 6 May 2013

home alone

Sorry I've been quiet for the last week or so!!

L went back home for a week leaving me home alone. I had big plans to get heaps of things done, including lots of blogging, and none of it happened! Between work, 2 nights at yoga, 2 nights at friends' houses and a fun filled night and weekend of laminating, cutting and velcroing while watching Mad Men (meanwhile-this season feels so different-dark and not as nice. I also prefer the 60s!) my week disappeared!

I've also been knocking over a lot of little and boring wedding jobs, that all take time-buses and wording and accommodation....

I'm getting to the end of my hundreds of pages of laminating (I'm redoing how I do my literacy and numeracy work to build independence and better cater for the individual needs of my kids), so will be back with a proper post in the next few days!

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