Friday, 26 April 2013

days off

I really did have the best ANZAC Day yesterday, but was so scatty come today. My body just wasn't happy with only 1 day off. I was a bit confused!

I watched L surf, and came back and cooked crepes for breakfast, I love them so much, much prefer them to thick pancakes. Just add lemon and sugar!

I continued my weekend theme of watching Season 5 Mad Men, and laminating, cutting and velcroing work for my kids. I have quite a pile now.
And spent most of the afternoon having girl time at the surf club. I am so lucky to live where I do. 

Is it ok to be at the surf club from early afternoon, until the moon rises? We did move areas...

Our camellias have started flowering! Our first flower came out yesterday, and today one bush has 3! They are about to explode!

Then I ended the day by climbing into bed, with fresh sheets. How good are they? If only I had a servant, I would have fresh sheets every day! If only I had someone else to do it for me it would be perfect. I have two sets of sheets, and I don't iron them (I had to pop these in the dryer to finish them off due to the weather-usually they come off the life pretty crease free!). I don't mean to brag-but I am awesome at folding fitted sheets. 

Lay it out on a flat surface, and square off the corners, with the elastic folded in. This is the most important step-if you get it pretty square here, it's easy.  

Fold it in half. Make sure the elastic stays on the inside, and doesn't poof out (technical language). You should have a rectangle.
 Fold in half again. Keep the corners square.
 Fold into thirds. Keep the corners square.
 Fold into thirds.

Even being a bit scatty today, I could handle a mid week day off every week-especially if they were all like that!


  1. I'm jealous of your talent!!! That is a perfectly folded sheet. I am so shit at it that I just take the sheets off my bed in the morning, wash them, dry them and then put them back on in the evening to eliminate any need to fold and pack sheets away!!!
    That beach looks lovely. Jealous of that too!!

    1. Hahaha-I may not be musical, sporty or artistic, but I CAN fold a fitted sheet!


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