Friday, 19 April 2013

deck the floors

We finally got around to sanding our verandahs this week. And by we I mean we ended up getting a handyman to do it. We had planned to sand in January, but ex-tropical cyclones and hundreds of mm of rain meant we couldn't. But they were in terrible condition-flaking varnish, and really grey and weathered. 

Uncovered bridge

The difference between the uncovered bridge, and the covered front door
Top back verandah
Bottom back verandah
Three months on, and the good weather wasn't matching up with L's days off, and it REALLY needed doing. It only cost about $200 on top of hiring the sander anyway. We've got three decks, and it works out at about 100 square meters of deck (love Queenslanders, and the inside/outside living!) 

The 'bridge' back to bare timber
Top verandah-it's merbau timber, so quite pink

Bottom verandah
During... You can see how pink the wood is
We've put two coats of oil on the decks, and despite being pretty greasy looking and sticky at the moment, we are so happy with them. They are quite dark at the moment, but will get lighter as the oil soaks in and 'dries'. On Sunday we will mop up any oil that hasn't sunk in, and will probably put the furniture back out next weekend. 

After-front verandah
Back verandah-sorry about the light!
Unfortunately our house has been disgusting for the past week. Fine sawdust made its way in through the tiniest gaps, and this is currently our dining room. I've blogged before about my least favourite part of renovating, and I definitely think that the making a mess re-arranging to other areas is a close second. 
Our dining table is actually in the sunroom this week
I'll be back with finished pics in a week or so!


  1. The sanding and oiling have really made a difference, looks wonderful. All that outdoor living apace must be wonderful to have ;)

    1. We live out there 9 months of the year. We stayed off them this week as they are still quite wet and oily and the furniture is inside, and I really missed it!


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