Wednesday, 10 April 2013

bits and pieces

After 3 and a half solid days of painting, we've taken a break. We haven't quite finished the tricky bit above the stairs, but we had some other things to do, and were a bit sick of painting.

Chocolate coconut cake-yum!
I baked L a cake-such a sweet tooth. Didn't stay whole like this for long!

I've managed to buy 7 vases in the last week or so. I found four glass ones that I picked up at an op shop for a steal, and also got a gorgeous cake stand. That I should have put my cake on! Duh. I also bought three white ceramic vases too, on two different days at different shops. Now just need some flowers.
Two of the white glasses are on the top left of the shelves-in front of the pictures and the big one is down with the teapots

My new cake stand-I brought it out specially!

A close up because it's so pretty!
I've been drinking my green smoothies almost every day. They aren't too bad! I've been having berry and banana in with my greenery, so that sweetens them up. I won't show you an after-lets just say it doesn't look green once it's all blended-red and blue berries plus green equals brown. I've been adding some extra goodies too-chia seeds and goji berries at the moment. Might add a few more good things in the coming weeks too.
When it still looks nice! Before that colour mixing!
Our wedding is starting to seem much closer! I think our invites are pretty much sorted. Just have to get L to confirm bus times for the ceremony, and we should be set.

Did anyone see the cover of last month's House and Garden. I think I gasped in the middle of Woolies. I love it. Everything about it.  The grey, they crisp white windows, furniture and pots, the deep green of the plants. Just gorgeous. Would love to paint our place that colour, but (especially after the weekend!!) think it would be just too much work to drastically change the colour, so we will probably go to a blue/grey with white trim. We have navy poles that we can't really change anyway, so I don't think a true grey would work quite as well.


  1. Congrats on the cake stand find- very pretty. Also love your Burleigh teapot- I have an identical one x

    1. I love my little teapot-just the right size for 1-2 cups! I just found your blog-it's lovely!

  2. If I visit your house and then that cake stands goes missing. I swear it wasn't me! Okay???
    It is to die for. I am always on the hunt for a cake stand. Nearly every vase and crystal bowl or silver tray is from an op shop or vintage shop! Only way to do it I say.

    1. I had just been saying how I wanted a cake stand, and two days later-there it was! I love it so much!


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