Monday, 8 April 2013

almost there...

After three days of painting we are almost done.
Before-so many power points!The phone plug-centre back-is now gone!
4 plugs, a light switch and a telephone port in this picture alone. That isn't even all of them in this room-there is another plug and ariel port behind me and one in the hallway. There is also a double light switch at the bottom of the stairs. one next to the french doors, and another double switch in the hallway. The phone plug-centre back-is now gone!
The first two days were fairly straightforward-cutting in the ceiling and walls with under coat, then cutting in and two coats of ceiling paint, and cutting in and two coats of Antique White USA on the walls.
Goodbye green...
Ceiling painted, 1 coat of undercoat, cutting in of paint

Today was a bit trickier. We had to take off the stairs to paint the wall behind. They were too close and too far away from the wall to try to paint around. There were also lots of fiddly bits on and around the stairs that needed painting.

Sorry for the dodgy pictures-I didn't have my camera downstairs today, so took a few in the dark tonight.

Stairs removed
Just saw a little bit of green!! Grrrr...
L also started patching up a hole-there was a telephone plug there that wasn't connected in an off white. After we painted we decided it looked a bit funny so ripped it out. It would have been better to do it before we painted the wall, but what can you do?

Tomorrow is another tricky day. We have the small part at the top if the stairs. It's not a big area, but it's quite awkward. Some of it is vjs, which means cutting in between each board, and our upstairs ceilings are 9 foot, which means some of the areas we need to paint are 12 foot. It will definitely be L up the ladder doing that stuff! The green is quite strong too, and shows through any lighter areas.

Last bit-12 foot ceiling 
Funny angles above the stairs
It looks amazing though-so much brighter and cleaner. So glad L had 4 days off work and I was on holidays so we could just get in and do it! It would have taken months otherwise!

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