Monday, 1 April 2013


I know it's not January first, it's not even the start of a season (in fact, it's a bit of a fluke that it's the first of April). And no, this isn't an April fools. Eating my body weight in chocolate today probably didn't help too much. 

We are less the five months to the wedding now, and I want to make some changes to my life before then-mostly to be the best and healthiest person I can be. I try pretty hard at the moment (mostly), but can be a bit hit and miss. And I think some of my bad choices negatively impact other choices, making a cycle. 

My skin has been terrible the last few months, I've been stressed, and just haven't been at 100%. 

Yoga at least 3 times a week.

I currently usually do yoga once, sometimes twice a week, but I want to up that. I do quite a strong vinyasa type of yoga, so it's good as a supplement for fitness, and I definitely notice an improvement in my tone, but mostly it is a mental thing. My job is loud, busy and oftentimes crazy, and it gives me time to quiet my brain. I have been doing yoga for almost 2 years now, and have NEVER regretted having gone, but I do regret when I don't go-if I am too tired, or busy. Unfortunately when I don't go, it is usually when I need it most. 

Link - not me, but one of my favourite poses....

Bed at 9.30
I often find myself up late. Not doing anything, just wasting time on the net, or watching rubbish tv that I am not that interested in. My alarm goes off at 5.45, so going to bed after 11 doesn't work for me. 

My amazing bed... 
Walking at least 2 times a week
I currently don't do any exercise other than yoga, apart from the running, swimming, lifting and dancing I do at work (in my defence I do get quite involved in these activities-partly to encourage the kids to participate, partly as I know it is part of my exercise. I live in a hilly area, and I live in one of the most beautiful places in Australia-I should take advantage of the beautiful beaches and headlands around!

This isn't where I live unfortunately, but was taken on one of my favourite
ever beach walks-Cinque Terre in Italy, Easter 2009

Improve my diet

It's mostly pretty good, but needs a bit of tidying up. I'm interested in trying out some green smoothies to up my greens intake, need to spend some time preparing some healthy, easy lunches (I usually eat on my feet, writing in books or while dealing with kids-often peeling an apple-or all of the above). When L works night often I just eat toast, eggs on toast, takeaway or homemade pizza, so I'm going to start cooking s vegie stir fry on those nights-quick, simple and healthy. I also need to quite my Ferrero Rocher habit when I go to the supermarket. :(

4 simple changes, that should make a big difference. I've put it out there now-to all of you-so I have to be accountable!! Will let you know how I go!!! Are you having any mid year resolutions????


Tell me what you think-I love to hear from you!


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