Sunday, 31 March 2013

sunroom quick fix

My mum and darling 2 and a half year old nephew are visiting at the moment. He's so much fun, I just love him!! But between the two of them and school finishing our painting has stalled a bit. Hopefully we will put a second coat on tomorrow while he sleeps. Going to the beach, reading books and playing together is much more fun!!
A before before shot-from about 6 months ago

How it used to look
I love our sunroom. It is one of my favourite rooms. It's bright and cheerful. We've turned it into a study, with a side of yoga and golf room. But through summer it was too hot-windows on three sides, including a whole wall on the east turned it into a bit of a sauna, so we didn't use it. It had started collecting junk, and I find junk attracts junk. My dressing table can be clear for weeks, but once something is dumped there, more and more keeps getting added. The worse the sunroom got, the less I wanted to be in there, so the dump and runs continued!

Even worse....
It's still not perfect, and the bookcase needs a bit more prettying up but our house is a bit baby proofed at the moment, and it was such a mess in there that I couldn't even comprehend what to do before! The ironing board usually lives in the spare room cupboard, but was in the study while mum and my nephew are using the room. Same with L's wetsuit.
That is the big pile of filing on the top of the bookcase
I started with the foot high pile of filing that had to be done. I sorted into 4 piles-bin, house, L, and me. And then further sorted and filed in the woven filing basket from Officeworks. 
Next was putting things back where they belonged. Then I reorganised the piles of magazines. I think I need to go through them and pull out any pages I want to keep out and bin the rest. Until then I have sorted them into like piles, which looks so much neater!

So much better
I hardly threw anything away-it's just organised now!

I can actually work here now!

The back corner is still a bit of a pile. I brought a whole heap of school work home to cut, laminate and velcro, so the blue tidy tray is a short term thing (at least I have put it all together now, not scattered on every surface available!!). I was also given a huge pile of bridal magazines-like literally about 40! I think I'll just donate them-our decisions are pretty much made. I think I might donate our dvd player too. We haven't had it plugged in for a year, and haven't missed it.

Ignore the awful putting mat. It's a definite upgrade from the lounge room or hallway where L used to want it to live! I cleared a few of the storage things off the desk, and moved them to the bookcase. It's a bit less crowded now, with more room for me to spread out. Much nicer in there.

A diary, to do list and a weekly planner... overkill?? :)
The curtains in the doorway lead to our bedroom, and were a temporary measure to cut out the light at 4 in the morning. We will put some blockout blinds up eventually!! Some of the windows also need to be fixed-reputtied and sanded and repainted. It's a massive job though, and we will eventually paint the VJs. The couch is actually a hand-me-down from mum's, with a calico cover-it's a foldout for when we need the extra space. The cushions used to be in the lounge room. 
I ended up going back in and prettying it up a bit with a few things I had around the house
All up it took about 90 minutes, and looks so much better! Have you had rooms get away from you? What clean ups have you done lately?

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