Saturday, 23 March 2013


I love lists. I write lists constantly. I love being able to cross things off, and seeing what I've achieved, and giving me some order to what I'm doing.
When work gets crazy I even have 2 lists-a work list and a house list. When I'm having a break from doing work related stuff I have to do something home related, so at least I'm achieving something and not bumming about on the internet. This holidays I might end up with a painting list, a schoolwork list and a wedding list, and flit between them. A slippery slope... 
Kikki K note pad-love pretty stationery!!
I also find that having a list keeps me accountable and on track. I usually put too much on my list, knowing I wont get it all done, but it gives me a bit of flexibility with deciding what I feel like doing. I find if I don't write a list on Friday afternoon for my weekend none of it happens. 

I'm not writing a big list of things to do for this year-considering we are getting married, I think we will have a fair bit on our plates. But this is my 2013 house list. We did pretty well with our 2012 list, and some of those things will come over (in blue)

-Blinds for 2 upstairs bedrooms

-Blinds for sunroom

-Refinish french doors

-Paint lounge room and dining room (and maybe kitchen?), including trims and ceiling

-Paint the railings on the veranda white 

-Re-cover the outdoor furniture

-Sand the decks, and oil

-Kill the awful plants in the side garden, and do something with it
-Varnish the outdoor chairs

With a wedding, and two of us that work 50-60 hours a week I think that's enough. See how we go. Mostly they aren't huge changes, but I think they will be the type of changes that will make a difference. 

Do you have lists going? 

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