Saturday, 2 March 2013

outdoor furniture

Another rainy weekend-it was lovely at first, but we have all of these outside jobs lined up to do-deck and painting-and just can't do it! Oh well-at least the grass is looking good. 

This is our amazingly comfortable outdoor setting we have out the front. Our real estate agent gave it to us. It was left at a property, and the new people didn't want it. It cost us a carton. It's incredible, well made, heavy and it is lovely to eat breakfast there in the morning, or read a book, or have a nap... 

The only thing I don't love is the cushions. Doesn't really go with the house. I'm looking at recovering them, but because of the size of the cushions we need a lot of fabric. Like 15 meters of fabric. Everything needs to be cut length ways, so there will be a wasted 30-40 cm of fabric left over, for the whole 15 meters. Annoying. This is what I would like them to look like...

the amazing house that a-m built - love her design choices, and that she is not only Australian, but also from QLD
AMAZING rustic barn wedding
Saybrook All-Weather Wicker Sofa | Pottery Barn

Outdoor fabric is so expensive too-especially 15 meters of it. The best price I have found is about $27/m, but I would get a discount of 12% and free shipping, so that is about $370. But still a lot. Especially with a wedding to pay for. Another option would be to get a heavy drill fabric. The couches are undercover, and you can usually sit on them while it is raining and stay dry, but in crazy weather and wind they can get wet. I could then wash them if they were dirty, or possibly even scotch-guard them, to protect them a bit more. I can get that for about $10/m from Spotlight. 

I might get a swatch of the outdoor fabric and see what it is like. 

Dirty windows
I have honestly cleaned these windows 4 times since Christmas. That photo doesn't even capture how dirty they are-this constant rain and wind is leaving dirty drips all down them. I'm waiting for the rain to stop now before I do them again... 

Have you been covering furniture? What would you suggest?

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