Tuesday, 26 February 2013

the blue room

Yay-internet is back! It's amazing how much I rely on it now! I'd go to check a recipe, or a random fact, or check facebook. Nothing. After a month of it cutting in and out, and hours on the phone trying to get it fixed and saying that it wasn't out modem, reconfiguring it didn't work last night, so probably wont tonight either..., before it finally, completely died, someone finally came out today and fixed it.

Funnily enough, the room in our house that is the most 'done' is our guest room. It's a really nice room, and if it didn't have such a small cupboard we probably would have almost chosen it as our master bedroom. I'm really happy with it. We need window coverings, but other than that, if nothing changes for a few years then all good.

Our spare room

The weird box cut outs are a bit weird. They had to cut out some of the room for the head space for the stairs they added in when they placed the old house onto the new downstairs. It's a little odd, but works as a kind of bedside table.
The cupboards are awful. Why they didn't pay a little more for white or mirrored doors is beyond me. Instead they left them as this weird uncoated chipboard. To be in their mind....
This looks over the top balcony
When we first moved in our room look like this. An old doona cover, on a rug that was left here from the previous owners (you can see it rolled up in the corner) in a photo above. The bed was a hand me down from a friend who moved overseas. Nothing too special.  Actually, looking back I don't like it al all... Making do with what we had.

 It didn't stay like that for too long though. Same bed, and same prints, but have moved.

The doona cover is a plain white textured one from Target. I picked it up when they had a big sale. I picked up the cushions the same day-also from Target. The rug was crocheted by my darling grandma. The drawers are from a local op shop. The top was in bad condition-it had a burn and some stains, so I painted the top. Preblog, so no pics :( Sorry.

It's not going to win awards, but I thinks it's calm and relaxing.

It needs window coverings-it's quite a bright room, and gets afternoon sun from the far window. I think I will probably get white roman blinds.
We've recently got rid of the old 'boob light', and replaced it with some down lights and a fan. I'd also like to make a new bedhead, but that would mean buying a new frame for the bed, so it's probay down the line a bit.

What do you think? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Edited to add-I meant to say that painting those doors is right up there on our job list. Just working out the right products to use, and waiting for some sunny, dry weather!


  1. Those boxes/blocks in the corner are very unusal... have never seen anything like it! I would probably consider putting some floating shelves there to better utilise the space?
    Consider painting the cupboard doors?
    Also you need some art (says the person who has now lived in her new place since November and still not hung anything properly ;) )
    It's a lovely room - love the doors out to the deck.

    1. Ohh, shelves are a great idea! I'm definitely going to do that! Thanks!

      Painting the cupboards doors is right up there on our to do list.

      Art is missing from all of our rooms-so much wall space to fill after living in a unit... :)

  2. It is amazing what a different bed spread can do for a room.. love the chevron cushions!

    1. I love simple, (fairly) cheap changes! It made such a difference!

  3. I love white roman blinds! I have them in my house. Even white roman blinds with nice curtains would look lovely and add some extra depth to the room. The room has such a nice feel to it. Oh, I just noticed you probably couldn't do the curtains because of one of the windows. Never mind.

    1. I'd love to eventually add curtains, as well as the romans!Even if it was only on the window opposite the door. I'd hang them nice and wide too, so that window looked bigger.

  4. Hi! Maybe you can make your own bed head? the DIY ones look pretty amazing! If you do a google image search on "DIY bedhead" there are some good ideas there :)

    and perhaps a trunk with seat cushions at the end of the bed??

    P.S I love your pillows !

    1. I'd love to DIY the bedhead-they look FAIRLY simple too. We might be able to just cut down the posts at the foot of the bed, which would mean we wouldn't have to buy a new frame immediately. Hmm...

  5. Those box cut-outs are WEIRD! Especially since they fit right next to and under the window! Another idea to make use of that weird wall is installing a desk, that way the line is still low and you an get some light in. Depends if you think that's appropriate for the guest room!

    The other idea is getting rid of that window (there seems to be a few other windows!), and moving the wardrobe to cover the boxes - you'd end up with a "shelf" of sorts inside the wardrobe, but it may look neater if you're happy to sacrifice the window.

    Good luck!

    1. I did another post on this room, and (hopefully) showed why they were there. They make (more) sense when you see that. A desk might be a good idea in the future-just bring the top out a bit further so you have room for your legs underneath. Eventually it will be a kids room.

      Hmmm-good ideas-it's great to get input from other people. New eyes and all that! Thanks!


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