Tuesday, 12 February 2013

island dreaming

The room we have probably done the most on is the kitchen. Despite this, it is probably the furthest from being finished. 

When we moved in, we knew that it was lacking in bench and storage space. 

Kitchen from the lounge room

We knew we couldn't do a full reno, so it was a short to medium term solution. We wanted a kitchen island, and looked into a few options before deciding on the Stenstorp kitchen island from Ikea.

                                         STENSTORP Kitchen island IKEA Free-standing kitchen island; easy to place where you want it in the kitchen.
It was the right size, it had shelves, it has room for stools on the other side, and gives us more bench space. It also fit in to the style of kitchen and the rest of our furniture. It was also the right price for a quick fix to last us a few years. 

The only problem was that it was out of stock. And they didn't know when it would be in. We waited them out, and were island-less for over 6 months. Sorry to the poor ikea people I would ring once a months or so to enquire about it.

When it finally came into stock we were actually going south for a wedding, so dropped into ikea on our way (we didn't want to risk it being out of stock), flew through ikea, focused on our island, and only our island. It was tough. And crammed it into the back of our Golf before heading to Lismore for a friend's wedding (beautiful wedding).

It's made such a difference to our kitchen. It's given us so much extra prep and storage space-it means more than once person at a time can be in the kitchen at once!!! The top is oak-it was untreated when we got it, so we gave it a light sand, and oiled it daily for about a week, and didn't put anything on it. Now water beads on it. We use a chopping board on top, and don't put raw meat on it and have had no issues. We try to clean up spills pretty quickly, but aren't too careful with it, and put hot and cold things on it. 


  1. I think it looks great and I'm now very inspired to get one of these from IKEA too (after thinking about it for a since moving in). We have a huge kitchen also, but not much bench space. Clearly who ever designed our kitchen did not do much cooking...

    1. Lack of bench space is is so annoying! I'd definitely recommend one!!!

  2. It looks great! Fits in the space perfectly :)


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