Sunday, 24 February 2013

just a quickie

Grrrr.... We've been having problems with our Internet for the past month, and this weekend it decided to die entirely. I also ran out of phone data as I have had to use the net in my phone at home! So have been dying without Internet-a good test though. Hopefully it will be fixed tomorrow.

It was so nice to see the sun pver the weekend-altbough it's gone now, and we are meant to be getting anotjet 100-200 mm of rain. we managed to achieve a lot having no net, and the sun out!

We were given a heap of new plants from L's cousin who works at a wholesale nursery. Lots of trees-just need to work out what to do with them all now! Photos to come!

We decided on a wedding ceremony venue-we've moved it slightly, and I am much happier with it. 

I think we have decided on a hall table-wood, Tasmanian Blackwood, 2 drawers. Beautiful! 

I had a girls might last night (too much champagne and a sugar coma after dessert!!), and we had breakfast with friends this morning. So much for a quiet weekend!

Just thought I'd drop in quickly. Thanks for reading-hopefully be back up and running in a day or so, with lots of pictures! Sorry about any dodgy formatting or spelling too-so much harder on a phone!!!

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