Tuesday, 19 February 2013

it's raining, it's pouring...

Not too much happening around here. It's cold, the wind is howling, and it's been pouring rain for days!   Everything is starting to feel damp, but damp's best friend mould and mildew can stay away! Very much stay inside weather. 

L is cooking up a feast of boeuf bourguignon. He is the definite cook in our relationship!!! He doesn't really use recipes, cooks all types of foods-currys, pasta, pies, he has even cooked a lemon meringue from scratch-pastry and all. I'm a lucky girl. Perfect weather for a cold night.

All our planned house jobs at the moment are outside-painting the cream posts on the outside deck white, and L is meant to be sanding the decks

I might hit up the shops this weekend-we were given some money from our parents for our engagement to buy a hall table. It would break the hall up a bit, and I want a nice mirror and maybe some frames around it.  It has been pretty difficult to find. It needs to be quite narrow, we would like wood, and we want it to be something we have forever-it is an engagement present. We found one we liked a few weeks ago, at Domayne. Unfortunately it was over $2000, which I think is insane for something quite small and simple. 

Our hallway, looking back toward the front door (at the end of the hall, and around the corner to the left)
We would put the table across from the opening to the lounge room. Not only would it give us a bit of a feature through the opening, the hall is only about 1.05m wide, so anywhere else even a NARROW table would be on the way. 

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