Sunday, 17 February 2013

weekend happenings

We had a busy weekend this weekend, although it was going to be even busier at one stage! 

We had a group of friends come stay for Saturday night. We usually try to have a trip away-usually just a long weekend, but there have been Bali trips in the past-once a year or so, along with BBQs, birthdays and weddings throughout the year. A few weeks ago we realised it had been 18 months since our last one, so we picked a weekend and committed then and there. 

We had 16 adults, 3 babies and one 6 year old split between two houses. It's so nice to spend time with good friends. The original group all started kindergarten with L, and partners and a few ring ins have been welcomed over the years. 2 other partners and I are from the same town as the original 6, so we often joke that we can;t make new friends!!

I didn't get many photos, although there were a few other cameras floating about, but I'll leave you with one. Golf for the boys was called off due to 50mm of rain, but it didn't stop us girls heading out for high tea. This was a platter for 4 people. We finished most of it off-along with lots of wine and champagne!!

It was beyond delicious. But oh so much food! Back on the health kick this week!!


  1. All that food looks yum! Do I spy some mini lemon meringue pies!?!?

    1. Yes! It was all delicious! We all rolled home!


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