Saturday, 9 February 2013

our multi-coloured house-part 2

Not only is the outside of our house of our house multicoloured, the inside is too!! Some of the colours are nice, some are ok, and one is AWFUL.  

The good...

The the main bedroom, the sunroom and the main hallway are a lovely sunny yellow. Even the ceiling... 
Main bedroom
Main bedroom, into the sunroom
The sunroom
 These were all taken on a grey and rainy day, and it is still always bright and happy.

second bedroom
The Bad...

The lounge room, dining room and kitchen are lavender. Sometimes I don't mind it, other times I hate it.  It doesn't really go with our stuff, and is too dark for the room-the corners get really dark and shadowy. Again, the roof is also painted in the same colour. 
Dining room
 The ugly...
 Downstairs is painted in the most awful green. I think they were going for a pastel green, which may have been nice, but they missed the mark. It's awful. And a huge area to paint-especially when we have to paint the roof too... 

Downstairs... vomit

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