Thursday, 14 February 2013

in the kitchen

It was about the first week when we realised that the oven would take some learning. It took about another week before we realised a whole new oven was in order. 

Things were either burnt or raw, if the oven was on and we were cooking at the stove your legs would literally be burning hot. The seals were gone, the door didn't shut properly, meaning hot air was pouring out, so the thermostat wasn't working, meaning the oven was too hot.

When we went to buy a new oven there was a huge moving sale on all floor stock. We were really lucky to get a great deal on a floor stock Bosch oven. L had done a lot of research, and wanted a Bosch, but we thought it would be out of our price range-it is triple glazed, and .... (I'm not sure, my eyes glazed over with all the tech talk...). 

L is an amazing cook, and really enjoys it. He has always wanted a gas cooktop, but being in rentals we couldn't do much about it. And there was a 5 burner Miele gas cooktop that was old floorstock for a great price... It was something we had planned to do in the future anyway. So we walked out with an oven and a gas cooktop. We figured if it made cooking more enjoyable then it was worth it. Also when we do a bigger kitchen reno, we will already have the cooktop and oven. 

It was a bit bigger than our old stove-our old stove was 60cm, and this was 70cm, but the hole is the same size, so meant we didn't have to cut a bigger hole in the bench. It's a bit wider than our extractor, but only 5cm on each side, so is ok for the medium term. Most of the extra 10 cm is actually just the stainless steel edge, rather than cooking surface. 

It has made such a difference. This part was a bit more expensive than the island, especially having to get the electrician in, and the gas installed, but it has definitely been worth it to us. I am a big believer that spending money to improve our day to day life is definitely worth it.  

Look-it hasn't fixed the purple checkerboard tiles, the purple feature cupboard and drawers, or the purple flecked laminate, BUT we will get there. 
A nice close up of the laminate and tiles


  1. You could always paint the tiles white using White Knight products?

    Great buy on the oven. Our new place has a small inbuilt smeg oven and smag gas cook top and I hate it! I love cooking and it is much too small for me. I dream of one of those freestanding commercial sized numbers. Unfortunately our oven/cook top works so no new appliance for me :(

  2. I think we will end up painting them. No rush til we get rid of the purple walls though!

  3. Oh the decorating sins of owners past! lol. xx

    1. I know! Sometimes at least it is of a specific time period-like 90s kitchens-but I don't know when purple was ever 'in'.


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