Sunday, 10 February 2013

xmas bargains, shopping bans and makeup tidy

I've had an iphone 3 for almost 3 years now. I have dropped it on cement, tiles, bitumen, you name it-countless times. It's a bit dinged up, but I've never cracked the screen. But it was full, the photos weren't great, and I just wanted a new one. 
But we couldn't get a good deal on a 5, and between the wedding, and house we didn't really want to up our plan too much when I had a perfectly good phone. I was also a bit afraid of updating to a 5, and dropping it and breaking it within the first week!!!

Anyway, a friend updated their phone during the week, and offered to give me their old iphone 4! Yay! Is also a bit afraid of updating to a 5, and dropping it and breaking it within the first week!!! All I had to do was pick up a new SIM card. 

My new white phone :) 

When I got to Telstra today there was about an hour wait to be served, so I had some time to kill. Seeing as I am on a MAJOR personal shopping ban at the moment, having an hour to wait around at the shops is dangerous. I've been avoiding shops like the plague, and been in and out when I have had to go there. 

Although quite simple, and not overly wedding-ish, the wedding dress I have fallen for is more expensive than I had planned for. When I add in a veil, a belt and alterations I am horrified at the thought of that much money for one dress. I am still looking at dresses, BUT am in huge savings mode-I REALLY love this dress. The sales assistant recommended I try it on, I was shocked by how much I loved it, and it made both my mum and FMIL cry. Good sign. SO I am trying to save as much of my money as possible to cover the difference in price, between what we budgeted for, and what this one will cost. It's the money I would spend on clothes/makeup/hair anyway... 

So I went to Target, so I wouldn't be tempted. They had Christmas decorations HUGELY reduced. Including these angel tea light holders. They are bout 30 cm high, and will look gorgeous all lit up next Christmas. For $5 each I though they were worth the spend. 

Anyway, new phone is sorted, and I'm loving it! 

Did a quick tidy of my makeup drawer over the weekend-I love how a quick job can make such a difference!
 I don't wear makeup daily-sunscreen is all I need for work-but having been away a few times in November, December, and then a big trip away over Christmas and early January, I just hadn't put it back into any sort of order. 
 Cleared out a few things I didn't even know I had-mostly freebies. The party feet blister packs are AMAZING. Expensive, but incredible if you have an event coming up. 


  1. Those tea light angels were a bargain! I'm sure they'll look great at the end of the year!

    1. Thanks-I was really stoked to find them-especially into February!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I love little jobs that make a difference. It's so much nicer to open up the drawer!


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