Sunday, 3 February 2013

our multi-coloured house-part 1

We have plans to paint this year. Not looking forward to it! Inside and out, our house is multicoloured. 
The outside of our house is blue. Quite a nice blue, but very blue. 
Our blue house
The eaves are quite yellow.  And also quite dirty in parts (as shown by this picture...). And the window frames are white. So there are 3 colours. 

Dirty, yellow eaves and white windows

But wait...  There's more.  
The fence posts are cream. Not the same yellow as the eaves, but cream. And finally there is navy on the railings and feature fence posts. We have since repainted the navy railings due to fading, dried out paint. 

Cream posts and navy railings  

1. Blue
2. Yellow
3. White
4. Cream
5. Navy 
PLUS wooden french doors. 
1, 2, 3, 4, 5...
Here is a photo that shows all 5 colours together. And one of our decks. This is actually one that we are  not planning on doing straight away-it is actually in the best condition... You may have caught a glimpse of deck out the front. The one with absolutely no coating left. It is our deck in the worst condition-zero protection.... 

First outside painting job is getting rid of the cream posts, and painting them a nice crisp white. That will take the exterior colours to 4 straight away.... :)

We also need to paint the exterior. On some areas of the house, the paint is starting to become a bit powdery, so it needs painting sooner rather than later. I would love to paint it grey, but at this stage we don't want to paint multiple coats to totally change the colour, so will probably tone the blue down to a blue grey. That's the current plan.


  1. Oh I love the blue. Reminds me of a gorgeous beach house. Are you sure you want to paint over it?

    1. Not 100%, but fairly sure.

      The first photo is probably the truest representation, and it's A LOT of blue. I do like it, but we have a double story house, with mostly comparatively small windows to 'break it up'.

      Maybe if we soften the blue a bit...


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