Thursday, 31 January 2013


We decided to plant camellias in the front garden. They have nice enough flowers, and have big, glossy leaves year round. It will take awhile, but eventually we want to kind of hedge them, and give our front verandah a bit more privacy. 

After clearing out all of the ferns and grasses the garden bed was still covered in white rocks. They aren't great if you are planting, as they (apparently) absorb lots of heat, and can cook the soil and plants inside. So we raked and raked, and took 3 ute loads to the tip. There are still some in the garden bed, but they are away from the roots, and we brought most to the front, so at a later date we can rake them off the edge to move them if we want. 

All planted and mulched in. The back of the rock wall looks a bit yuck,with lots of old fishbone fern roots stuck in, but in a few years the camellias will grow and cover the wall and you won't even see them. 
They were so little when we first planted at the start of September. 

Here are some I prepared earlier for you...


I'm so glad we decided to start on the garden bed. They have already grown so much. We were originally going to leave it a year or so, but I am a big fan of getting the garden sorted early, as it can grow while you are getting the house sorted. 


  1. Will look great when the camellias are established - makes such a difference to have some pretty greenery to look at. I didn't know that heat from rocks can cook the soil, you really do learn something every day!

    1. Thanks! We've never had a garden before-a few herb pots with varying levels of success, so it's exciting to see them grow! It's the little things sometimes!!

      Yeah, i didn't know either, it is probably worse up here in SE Qld than other places too!!


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