Sunday, 20 January 2013

our first year list

We've been living here for about 9 months now. 

We had no renovating experience. We also bought a house that was a bit over our budget, so we didn't have extra money around to do too much to the house. After about 5 months of living in our house I thought we should make a list of things that we wanted done by the end of the year. It is mostly cosmetic, maintenance stuff, OR things that make our day to day life better. 

Here is that original list. I'll write more about all of these things as time goes on. 

-Blinds for 2 upstairs bedrooms
-Blinds for sunroom
-Ceiling fan and downlights in 2 upstairs bedrooms
-Ceiling fan and downlight in lounge room
-Blinds on back deck
-Finish bottom casement windows
-Kitchen island
-Fix stain in lounge room ceiling
-Fix leak on front deck
-Paint facia board
-Refinish french doors
-Install oven
-Install new cooktop
-Install gas (for cooktop)
-Replace outside lights
-Replace kitchen plugs
-Kill weeds (done, but ongoing)
-Remove fig tree
-Dig out ferns from front garden
-Remove rocks from front garden
-Replant front garden
-Install solar
-Fix drainage

Not too bad really....


  1. You removed your fig tree?!?
    You have done well with your list.. I need to get mine happening.

    1. I love a good list-and it's so rewarding at the end to see what you have achieved.


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