Sunday, 20 January 2013


L and I both grew up in a small rural town in northern NSW. We were in the same year, but went to different schools. Despite knowing a lot of the same people, and being at the same places, we never really crossed paths, but knew vaguely who each other was.

We both finished school, and went away to uni. We both went to uni in different regional towns, and both ended up back working in our home town. It was November. I'd decided I was moving away at the start of the next year, to be closer to friends, L was planning on working for another 6-12 months and then go to London. We met up, went on a few dates. We really liked each other-but I was moving away. I decided that I might put off moving away a bit longer and give the relationship a go. Worst case scenario I would move later. I didn't move. In fact L moved in to my unit at Easter, and we have lived together for the 5 years since then.

We moved to London after a year, and lived and traveled there. After a year I had to return for a friend's wedding, and a job came up for L in a dream location. He decided to apply, not thinking he would get it. He did. We decided to move back to Australia. We have lived back here for 3 years now, in one of the most beautiful places. It's warm almost all year round, has stunning beaches and national parks, cute hinterland villages, and is only an hour from Brisbane.

We got engaged at the end of last year, and are getting married at the end of August this year. We are both quite introverted, and really value our own time, we love our friends and family, despite not seeing them as much as we would like, I love tea, reading, going to the beach and being outside.

Actually I am a bit obsessed and addicted to tea.

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  1. Nothing wrong with being obsessed with tea! The stuff is fantastic!


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