Sunday, 20 January 2013

hottest 100

I love Triple J. I NEVER listen to anything else. I don't always love every song, and sometimes the presenters annoy me, but on the whole it's fantastic. I am often shocked by friends who listen to commercial radio. The ads kill me.

I love how Triple J support Australian music, particularly unsigned acts. They don't wait for something to be popular before they play it. They just play it because it's good.

Here are my votes for the year
My votes

A bit of a random mix. A few songs that have meaning behind them, some that I just can't help dancing to, some that are just beautiful songs. I'm not a music snob, and am probably the most musically challenged person out there, but I know what I like. It was a pretty quick and dirty vote this year-I have voted almost every year since I was a teenager-some years I spend a lot of time working it out, making a shortlist and cutting it from 30 to 10. This year I just thought of a few of my favourite songs. I am sure over the next week I will hear songs that I mean to vote for, but what can you do. I like the songs I voted for, and am happy with them.


  1. Excellent choices!

    Can't wait to see your reno progress. I adore Queenslanders (despite living in Melbourne!).

    We have a steep block too, definite pros & cons with that! x

  2. Thanks-looking forward to listening on Saturday!


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