Monday, 4 February 2013

the block

I love The Block. Always have. Even when I was a teenager, and no where near wanting a house, and my decorating style was more every item of clothing on the floor than anything else.

The last few years I have really got involved with it, especially last season when we had our house, so I'm SUPER excited about The Block Allstars being on tv for the next few weeks.

I don't mind the teams that got in-enjoy the brothers, Amity and Phil were a million years ago, and I wasn't a massive Dan and Dani or Josh and Jenna fan over the last few years, but I am sure they will grow on me. I liked some aspects of their style, but wasn't massive on the way their personalities were portrayed.

I am excited that they are doing heritage homes. Last year it broke my heart when I saw Dan and Dani ripping out beautiful cornicing, and period features. At least this year I know that they can't ruin them!!!  And hopefully I can get some ideas!

I'm such a sucker for house magazines, so The Block is like house magazines on steroids!!


  1. Excited too. Forgot to IQ it tonight but they are repeating it at 10.30 yay

    1. Lucky! I've been counting down for quite a while... :)


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