Sunday, 17 March 2013

oh so pretty wedding flowers

Between working out what we are going to do about painting, I've been trying to get some wedding stuff done. It's amazing how long everything can take-especially when we know pretty much exactly what we want.

Our wedding date August 31st this year-just over 5 months to go. All the big stuff is done, but now it's the nitty gritty. We are currently trying to sort out invitations and flowers.

These are some of my inspiration flowers-I know some won't be available in August, but hopefully the look can kind of be recreated!


peony and rose bouquet


wedding tables
Roses and lavender - perfect pew decorations


Lots of pretties! We are having a cocktail wedding, so will have little collections of flowers on the dry bars, coffee tables and along the back of the banquette seating. I think we will have some hanging flowers too. I recently changed my mind about the flowers, and decided to go colourful, rather than white with foliage, so it's changed a few things. Including our invitations...

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