Tuesday, 26 March 2013

learning curve

I just started. Like ripping off a bandaid I just had to start the painting. Otherwise I would have fluffed about not making a decision for another few months and never would have started. 

We decided to paint one of the downstairs bedrooms to get rid of the awful green paint, and so if we were hopeless at painting for our first go we didn't have to live with it forever-it wasn't staring us in the face every day when we were hanging out and watching tv. 

We did learn a lot as we went, some of it is probably pretty obvious if you've painted before, but despite reading heaps of advice, and talking to people at Bunnings there were a few things I would change. 

  • Definitely do the prep on Friday night. I had planned to, but then was tired, and didn't have everything I needed.
  • Don't plan a florist appointment for 10 o'clock, and then go shopping after that. 

This all meant it was 11.30 before I even started prepping the walls by washing them down and giving a light sand. I then had to pop out again for a drop sheet. In a west facing room, on the hottest weekend in months this wasn't ideal. 

  • Just buy the good canvas drop sheets in the first place, because the plastic ones are hopeless, don't stay put and tear really easily. 
  • Use an undercoat if you are going light. Our green ceiling still isn't covered after 2 coats. Frustrating. 
  • It's much easier when there are two of you-so don't start on a day when L is playing golf and then working.

On Saturday I did the prep and cut in and painted the ceiling twice. 

On Sunday I had to go out and buy undercoat for the walls. I cut in and L rolled. 


Yesterday we both went to work all day, I went to a friend's house to work on our wedding invitations (they look so good!), after dinner there was nothing on tv, so we decided to put a coat of paint on. With both of us working together it took just over an hour to cut in and roll. It looks so much better already! Can't wait to put on another coat and do the trim. 


  1. Lol!!! I love all your advice!! Especially about the plastic vs canvas drop sheets! You are going to be doing a lot of painting so they will be worth the outlay. Probably on par with continuously buying plastic ones. Yes! Don't start painting when alone! I've done this many times and ran into trouble with no one to lend a hand in desperate times. But good on you! Looking so much better already!

    1. The plastic ones are just so annoying! They stick to your feet, and the wind blew them. So frustrating!
      Was it you who poured paint down your back when painting by yourself? It was just so much faster with the two of us! Can't wait to keep going-so much happier already!

    2. Lol!! Yes that was me!! No one to call out to.


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