Saturday, 6 April 2013

just keep painting...

I have that annoying song that Dory sings in Finding Nemo in my head, but instead of swimming, it's painting. Just going around, and around and around. 

We've finally finished painting the downstairs bedroom, and have started the room under the stairs. That makes it sound like a tiny closet, but it's not. It is just an empty room at the moment. One day, when we have kids it will be a rumpus/family room. Until then we will just keep living upstairs-saves us having to buy new furniture! So we will have two beautifully painted, empty, Antique White USA rooms. Also, I'm sure if we got another tv and couch, we would both just watch our own tv and never spend any time together-I've just got back into Mad Men-how good is it?, and L is into Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy at the moment. L often works nights, so at the moment he watches in the day time, and I'll watch at night. 

Say good bye to the green...
I get the colour they were going for based on the other colours in the house,  but they didn't quite get it...
L ended up with a four day weekend out of the blue (time in lieu for having to work both days next weekend-boo) , so we figured we would put in a few days to get rid of  the awful green. I'm not hating painting actually. It's a bit annoying, but it looks fantastic once it's done, it isn't too exhausting, and doesn't take too long to make a difference. I'll be back once we have something finished walls. 

This is how I spent the start of my week. My little man has gone home now, I miss him. 

Look at that sun-perfect weather. I love where I live. 

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