Monday, 10 June 2013

i'm back...

Sorry I disappeared for a few weeks. I broke the blog!!

I was renovating my page-hope you like the new look!!-and somehow messed it up royally. I took it as a sign to close it down for a few weeks, get my reports written, and do lots of fiddly wedding stuff, rather than procrastinate by trying to fix it.

Reports are now written, over 8500 words later, wedding invitations are addressed, and we finally (almost!!) finished painting all the fiddly bits downstairs.

I have a few things up my sleeve to show you, and promise I wont go away again! I missed you all!


  1. I had the same thing happen to my blog recently so I understand the frustration. Love the new look ;)

    1. Thanks! The more I tried to fix it the worse it became! X

  2. I had not come across your Blog before !!! we are renovating a Qld'er too :) have added you to our list !!!

    1. I recently found your blog too! I love seeing other QLDers!!


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