Wednesday, 26 June 2013

ideas needed...

Last downstairs post for awhile... Promise! :) 

We've finally basically finished painting downstairs, and I love it!! I can't wait to keep going with the rest of the house, although the purple will now have to wait until after the wedding. 
I painted the stair railing in Lexicon Quarter gloss, the same as our skirtings. I basically did a quick coat on the vertical posts (they were already white, and just needed a freshen up, but the railing took a few coats to cover up the green. 
I was pretty keen to get rid of the final traces of green, but we aren't sold on the white railing-what do you think? Leave it white? Or maybe a double/triple strength Antique White USA to bring in some contrast? Ideally we would replace the railing with a varnished wooden one, to tie into the stairs and floors, but until then... 

The green is still fighting through!
Look-we managed to finish off that tricky bit above the stairs-vjs, high angles, stairs, lots of funny bits to cut in-not ideal! But it looks amazing. Just need to paint around the window, and a bit of skirting in the white gloss. We did it all in Antique White, even the ceiling-cutting in and fiddly details were just too much!

We need something for this bit of wall/roof, but are not sure what it is. It's right at eye level, and quite close really when you are going downstairs, and it just seems like a big, blank area at the moment. A print? A clock?-seems a bit useless..., a mirror?-almost like a last check on the way out? A photo? Hmmm.... any ideas? It's quite narrow and tall.
One last before to leave you with... 
... so much better!

Any ideas about our railing and that funny bit above the stairs? Would love to hear them!!


  1. Oooh I do love a white paint makeover, looks fantastic! Hopefully that will be my Betsy in a few short months. I quite like the white rail, guess you could go black but I prob prefer the white. With the blank wall I would look for maybe 2 or 3 separate prints or photos that worked together and hang them vertically as a group to fill the long space. mel x

    1. White paint is magic! I think we will stick with the white rail, we are getting used to it, and it seems to break the room up a bit less. Thanks for your ideas! x

  2. Stick with the white rail, it looks great! I'd probably go for 1 largish print for the funny bit above the stairs (like this: or you could do a gallery wall if you like them (like this: but they can make the space feel a bit cramped. Have a look on Pinterest, always loads of ideas there!

    1. I think we are going to do a gallery wall in the lounge room, and that pinterest gallery wall was a bit close-maybe the dark frames did it. I've been avoiding pinterest, because I've made all my wedding plans, and didn't want to get sucked in! x

  3. Ohhh I definitely love the white with the wood - looks nice an fresh! I've done all of the walls and trim white in my house that I'm in the middle of still doing up and just about to do the cabinets. So nice to have it all clean :-) I think that a few prints/illustrations would look really good...and I just realised BungalowGirl and In The Night Sky both said that too haha :-)

    1. Living with the white the last few weeks has grown on me, so I think it will stay! White just feels so nice!! x


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