Saturday, 29 June 2013

little jobs

School holidays-I love you! I have spent the first week exercising, eating well, catching up on sleep, reading and TV shows (ohmygod-Mad Men!!!). I've also been checking off a heap of little wedding jobs, and decluttering and reorganising like a mad woman!

Our hall table arrived! Initially we freaked out, and thought it was too big, but a little styling and getting used to it fixed that. This is only temporary styling-we are going to hang a big mirror on the wall to reflect more light in to the lounge room. It has lots of my favourite things-a small bone box from Turkey, filled with all of our random overseas coins. Two of our travel photo books-one from our year living in London, and one from our Turkey and Egypt trips. My favourite, limited edition Versailles Glasshouse candle. I use it sparingly! I also thought it was a nice place from some inspirational and happy quotes I picked up from Kikki K. I've had words with L that it is to stay pretty, and not be a dump ground. Hopefully it being nice now will mean that it can stay that way. 

It's such beautiful wood-Tasmanian Blackwood
You can see how narrow our hallway is

Our bookcase in the dining room was overflowing, so I pulled it out and started again. I'm not sure if I like the colour-coding or not. But it looks less like books shoved in. I find it hard to make a bookcase look nice with lots of books-and I am a reader, and a book lover-no ipad reading for me! Bad blogger didn't get a before-but here is a cropped shot from a few months ago-add in about 20 more books piled in there.
This photo is about a year old-that's our stove before it was installed!

And now
My vent for the week is at gumtree. I've been looking for some wooden bedside tables. We have gone without for a year, and I am sick of reading with a headlamp at night. I figure I'll get something cheap, paint them, and when we get around to getting good ones I will just re-purpose them to the spare room. I found some good ones the other day, good price. I texted the seller asking questions-INCLUDING are they wood, or a veneer over chipboard. The reply came-wood. I drove for 25 minutes to go pick them up, and while the front was wood, the sides were bulging chipboard, that was dropping flakes everywhere) covered with a laminate veneer. So I drove another half an hour back, minus the bedsides. FRUSTRATING. Vent over.

I have linen press and bathroom storage to go and deal with!

We also sent off our invitations! I love them! Here they are-a good friend made them for us, and we had them printed. They are printed on a linen paper, apart from the post card, which needed a heavier cardstock. 

Are you decluttering? I find winter is good for it-you stay home, and want to feel nice in your home!


  1. Decent storage - unfortunately this is the one thing that our Queenslander house lack. We've tried to incorporate some form of storage in each and every room, including built-in bookshelves in the sitting room. I too love to read. (btw - I wish I could say the same thing about school holidays. It just means more work for me.) xx

    1. We are lucky that we have a few built in cupboards, but they aren't very functional-too narrow, or pipes, or.... Maybe we just have too much stuff these days :)x

  2. Yes, yes I am! I am on a rampage that is spanning WEEEKSSSSS I feel like I am pregnant all over again and I have the need to 'nest'
    The bookcase was MAJOR! in the after shot.
    Your hallway looks about as wide as mine (1.2m) I have a hall table too. Yours in lovely! Hang that mirror STAT. It will look amazing.

    1. I was impressed by all your bags to go to Vinnies! The problem is we need to BUY a mirror-one that is a lot bigger. That small mirror is temporary, and stolen from another wall! x

  3. Your before and after of the bookcase is awesome! I have been donating the books that I buy as I finish them so if I want to reread I just borrow them again from the library. I get to claim it at tax time apparently but haven't been keeping the receipts oh well. Your invitations look gorgeous and I love the colours!

    1. I get rid of books I wont read again, I just have an emotional attachment to books-they remind me of times and places and people! I love my books!!

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