Tuesday, 2 July 2013

wedding plans

We are down to just under 2 months out, and I am planning (hoping) to have everything done by the end of July, leaving us a month to do the last minute things that crop up, get work organised, and try to relax and enjoy-rather than trying to organise ties, or decorations. That's the plan anyway.

We had our engagement shoot a few weeks ago, after a few cancellations due to the weather or L's big swollen face. It was perfect weather-gorgeous and sunny-and after a few cooler days it was warm enough not to freeze in a summer dress. I love the photos so much!

I've booked my hair and makeup, and know what I want for my hair, need to make a decision about makeup-do I go fairly natural, or a bit more glamorous? I've chosen my belt and veil and shoes. Just need a garter, earrings and a bracelet now. And maybe a small something for my hair, for after the veil has been taken out. I get to see MY dress on Thursday, when I go in for a fitting- so excited!

Our invitations are designed, printed and posted. I'm so happy with them! I love that they are simple and clean, but still nice and cheerful.

Our flowers are decided-pastel, with a touch of deeper pink-garden roses, spray roses, freesias, ranunculus and dusty miller in a posy style. We'll have similar flowers around our reception, including some hanging vases, similar to below (but brighter flowers).

Spring wedding bouquet | 100 Layer Cake
Peonies. roses. wildflowers. berries.
We are actually having fairly minimal decorations-flowers and candles are pretty much it. Keeping it simple and stress free.

We are having a cocktail reception at a restaraunt-we aren't formal, and wanted to spend lots of time with our guests. We will be having 5 white high bars and stools similar to this, with flowers and candles. There is also a long couch/banquette seating area, and there will be some ottomans, and some seating in an outdoor courtyard. Plus, room for an all important dance floor!

My list seems to be ever growing-you would think it would be shrinking by now!


  1. all your planning looks fabulous - I especially like the flowers and your invitations

    1. Thanks! It feels like it's getting real now, not just a distant concept. :0

  2. Looking good, looking good!! Your bouquet inspiration pics are very pretty! I think it is inevitable to be doing little things right until your wedding day.
    We had bought ties for the men months before. They were on sale and I got such a bargain on them. I gave them to hubby and he lost them!!! We turned our apartment upside down looking for them and we had to buy $$$ ones the day before. Only when we were moving out did we find them in a suit case! MEN!!!


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