Friday, 12 July 2013

bunting along

I haven't touched a sewing machine in over 10 years (scary flashbacks to Year 8 Home Ec still haunt me!), so last weekend was a bit of a milestone. Not only did I paint our cupboard doors, I also faced my  sewing demons.

Last week I went to The Paddington Antique Centre, and I saw some lace bunting.

I thought about buying some for the wedding, but when I looked closer I realised that it didn't look too difficult. On my way home I dropped into Spotlight, and bought a few lengths of different lace curtains. I made a 'pattern' of a triangle, put on some Game of Thrones, and began cutting. I cut the lace into widths of about 20 cm, and then folded them over the pattern. The shape of the triangle meant there was no wastage. I also used some of the decorative edging, why there are a few parts that are different shapes. I then pinned the different patterns randomly and started sewing.

It's a bit extra special as I used my grandma's old Singer sewing machine that has been sitting in my spare room for a few years now. She would have been so excited about my wedding (and probably that I was sewing!), and I so wish she could be there with us. It's really sad that L and I don't have any grandparents left. 

I chose to leave a little space between the flags. I actually used an unused paintbrush to 'measure' my spaces. I have a lot more flags left, but only bought a few lengths of the ribbon (18 m) as I wasn't sure if it would work, or if my skills were up to it! I'll buy some more this weekend. 

One last shot, with my other weekend job in frame, in all of it's fresh white painted goodness!

Loving the blanket curtain!
What do you think?


  1. Gosh, you are fired up. LOVE the bunting, will look gorgeous for your wedding. There are so many beautiful ideas now compared to my wedding 13 years ago, Pinterest has just opened a treasure box of wedding inspiration. Can't wait to follow along for your special day. Mel x

    1. It's bad too though! There are so many beautiful ideas! x

  2. Those chevron cushions are so cute!

    1. They were from Target about 18 months ago. They had red and yellow patterns too. Thanks for stopping by! x


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