Wednesday, 10 July 2013

just adoorable....

This was my last weekend of holidays. My last holidays before the wedding. I had the house to myself. Originally I planned to pretty much relax, go for a walk or two, do some yoga and some school work to get ready for the term. Then on Thursday afternoon I decided to go to two shops to buy supplies for not one, but two entirely separate projects.
Remember these cupboard doors in the spare room? We had matching (but bigger) ones in our bedroom. We always hated them, and planned to paint them, but just never quite got around to it.
Before-boring, matt chipboard

Now look at them! White paint is magic!

Bright and glossy!
It ended up being a bit harder than I thought. I planned on having all four doors in the garage, and do them all at once. I took the two spare room doors off and carried them downstairs to the garage. I took one of the ones from our bedroom off, and realised two things.
One-Being taller and wider it was a lot heavier-I couldn't actually carry it by myself.
Two-Even had I been able to carry it, it was too tall to fit through the doors, and I don't think I would have been able to negotiate the corners and furniture.

I ended up having to do the doors in our bedroom one at time, in the bedroom, on saw horses, which wasn't ideal, and added quite a bit of time to the project because once I finished the other three doors, I still had one to go.

My working environment!
I lightly sanded with 180 grit, vacuumed the doors, and then washed them down. Then 2 coats of the sealer/primer-quite a bit of the colour was showing through after 1 coat, and I was afraid they might bleed through.

I was getting pretty worried while priming the last door. They were just sucking in the primer on the first coat, I wasn't sure I would make it! I was literally scraping the last of the primer out of the tin. 

I am so happy with how they look-they really make the rooms so much brighter, reflecting light around. I can't believe we left it so long. L was pretty impressed with me too! 

I did another project over the weekend too, stay tuned!


  1. They look so much better. A bit of white paint goes a long way. xx

  2. Massive massive improvement, I so love a good white paint makeover! mel x

  3. Looks GREAT!!!!! Well done. A million times better.

    1. Thanks! Wish we had done it sooner now! x

  4. Thanks for this post - I have the same job to do in my bedroom which I reeeallly need to get done SOON. They look great. Lisa xo


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