Tuesday, 15 October 2013

garage storage

We are really lucky to have a big garage, but it was one big mess. We had one set of shelves we bought from Bunnings, but they weren't organised, and everything else was on the floor. At times it was tricky to get the car in there, or get out of, and around the car. For awhile we actually gave up trying. I wish I was kidding. It totally stressed me out-even though it's a boy zone primarily, I hated knowing what it was like!

Well, that's all changed. L has DIYed three storage solutions that have made such a difference! We aren't quite done yet, and have some more big plans for down here (not these ones!) that I'll tell you about in the next post.

First was a surfboard rack. L got a length of wood, screwed some dowel into it, and covered the dowel with pipe insulation. There are eyelet hooks to link the jockey strap through.
A massive improvement on this... 
Where our camping and beach stuff
used to live
Next was some wall hooks for tools. Again, he screwed a long piece of wood into the wall (so the hook placement could be where we wanted, rather than in the studs). The hooks are from Bunnings. 

Next we will be put a work bench next to the door (where the lawnmower is) with a peg board on the wall behind for tools. We will probably look on Gumtree for some kitchen benches, so we can have cupboards underneath, or L might DIY something. 

I'll give you our shameful befores, so you can really see the difference. This was at it's worst, when we were midway through building our side fence. Sorry for the crappy iphone pictures. There was no car getting in there. 

But now-shelves! Made entirely by L, with my help to hold things steady. 
It has meant we can get almost everything up off the floor. They aren't properly organised yet, I want some more storage boxes so that everything has a place, and all the paint tools are together, all the sanding stuff is together etc. But we will get there. Not only do the shelves have all our DIY type stuff up there, they also contain our camping gear, our fold up chairs, L's fishing stuff, beach stuff-like cricket sets and umbrellas. 

Don't mind the empty paint tin drying out-the car still fit, and the tin has now
 been disposed of

It's made such a difference!


  1. WELL DONE! The garage is next on my hit list. I want to turn the back of it into a work area and make it an actual functional space.
    P.S The glass french door to the garage is beyond cute!! I love it

    1. It is cute-I'm constantly afraid it will smash when the wind blows it shut though!

      Get onto it after your kitchen-it's quite rewarding seeing the difference! x

  2. I have no one to blame but myself for the state of my garage - I can't even get inside without moving stuff out first! I'll be using some of your tips like hanging the tools on the wall when it comes time. Lisa xo

    1. Oh dear! Definitely use the walls and go up! x

  3. Looking good Ness!! Its crazy how such simple things like your wall hooks gets everything up off the floor and so much more organised x

    1. The wall hooks were one of those-why didn't we do this ages ago?? jobs! x

  4. How satisfying it must feel driving into the garage now. Love the concept of getting everything up off the floor and not spending half an hour looking for something that's been misplaced. Nicole xx

    1. It has made such a difference! x


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