Saturday, 19 October 2013

laundry plans

After all of our work downstairs in the garage we've decided it's time to look at doing something to our laundry.
This is what we currently have to work with.
It does the job, but there are some pretty big flaws. 
-It lacks effective storage
-It has zero bench space
-It's open to the garage, meaning that it is impossible to keep clean-there is often sawdust, dirt, potting mix, glass clippings, leaves etc blowing into the laundry
-There is a lot of wasted space
There are a few problems to start off with. The washer and drier are on a fake dividing wall, behind the dividing wall? Nothing. It's just storage space (basically empty now apart from golf clubs and a bike). 

So, our plan is to build a wall between the garage and laundry area (where the step up in) to divide te two areas, and knock down that fake dividing wall to open up the space.
We will then have a galley style laundry, with everything along the existing exterior wall-we wont be moving plumbing, but we will be able to have the washer and sink up one end, with the dryer on the wall. Then will be a nice big bench, with lots of cupboards underneath, and a tall cupboard at the end for linen. We will have either open shelves, or cupboards, or a mix on the wall above the bench. L has been busy planning, and we have knocked up a bit of a sketch. Things might change a bit between now and then, but this will be our basic layout. 

Because it will be such a wide space, I think we will be able to have cubbies or shelves on the opposite wall for more storage-probably for beach gear and sports equipment.  I've been pinning like a crazy person! At the moment the surfboard racks will probably stay where they are, but in the future we may look to moving them, and putting in a fridge/freezer in there. 
Our plan is to go for a flatpack-probably Bunnings or Ikea, but we will figure all that stuff out over the coming few months. We will do most of it ourselves, with the help of a carpenter friend for the new wall, plus plumbers and electricians. It's exciting. It will also mean we will be getting rid of more of the lovely green paint, and getting some nice new flooring in there too! YAY!


  1. Love the layout of the proposed new laundry and I dream of such storage (is that wrong??).

  2. That design is much more practical! Makes me wonder why people put so little thought into laundries (I guess they were originally designed by men.) The laundry in the first house that I bought when I moved to Brisbane consisted of a WM sitting on a concrete slab underneath the house - that's it. The dust used to drive me insane. Hopefully the next one will be a little more user-friendly as I do a lot of washing these days - think family of 6! xx

    1. Haha-so true. At least my man is a bit more sensible with his planning! x

  3. I love your plan - plenty of storage. That's my next job - tackling the laundry. Lisa xo

    1. You can never have too much storage! It must be the season for laundries! x


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