Sunday, 13 October 2013


Hi guys,
I took a bit of a social media break. I was tired and run down after the wedding, and the crazy lead up, and just needed to simplify everything for a few weeks. I've literally not been sick for over 2 and a half years (one of the benefits of working in special ed-super strong immunity!) but I entirely lost my voice for a week! So lots of sleep, yoga, beach, walks, reading, outside time, Homeland and greens has hopefully put me back on track!

Now the wedding is over, we have a heap of house plans that are ready to go! The paintbrushes and the drill have been going overtime! You might have seen over on instagram that I've started the mammoth job of painting our verandah railings.  So time consuming and fiddly! I'll keep going when the wind dies down.

I've been a little in love with terrariums at the moments, so made one yesterday afternoon. It was super easy and quick.
I bought a glass container from a cheap-shop. This one actually had a lid originally.

I added rocks for drainage-I just used the white rocks we have on hand (we have trailer loads of them in all of our garden beds!), and potting mix. I visited a local market and picked up some cheap succulents. I tried to pick a few different colours, and leaf shapes, and heights. Some of the little pots I bought had some rocks on top, so I scattered them around the top of the terrarium too.

I'm not entirely happy with it, and may actually re-do it. I think I needed smaller rocks on the base, as the layers between the rock and the soil isn't as defined as I would like, but I might not too.

I ticked something off my pinterest to do list-yay!


  1. Painting railings is my least favourite paint job, so tedious! Your terrarium looks great, I think I have that same glass jar - but in my kitchen fiiled with chocolate!

    1. The railings are totally doing my head in! I've had more than a week break due to big winds, and I've lost my mojo! So annoying...

  2. The terrarium is cute. Oh you have a pinterest to-do list as well - we might have set ourselves a little project. Aren't these winds a little extreme at the moment. Lisa xo

    1. The winds are crazy-and sending my kids that way too! I go through little phases where I get projects done, and then go off it! x

  3. I wondered where you went! Your terranium looks really nice! Very clever.


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